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The Top 9 Best Night Jobs That Pay Extra For Graveyard Shifts

Whether you’re working already and want to take on a 2nd job or are just looking for another side hustle to pick up some extra cash, a night job may be exactly what you’re looking for. A National Sleep Foundation poll estimates that over 1/3rd of males and nearly half of all females say they are night owls.

If this sounds like you, here are our top picks for the 9 best night jobs that pay extra money for graveyard shifts! These jobs are in no specific order. Some require a certain educational background, while others require nothing more than a GED or Diploma.

1. Casino Dealer

You will be hard-pressed to find a clock inside of a casino. They want you to lose track of time while you’re in there. Because of this, they are often booming during the late-night hours. With bigger grounds at night, the tips that get pooled together are often 2x-3x that of daytime dealers. Nighttime casino dealers are always in demand.

2. Security Guard

Many buildings and office complexes need to be guarded during their off-hours. Because of this, security guards working the night shift are often in high demand. They often make 25%-50% over minimum wage and rarely require anything other than a GED.

3. Bartender

Another unskilled position that requires no education while remaining fairly lucrative is a bartender. Not many people eat at 1 am, but plenty of people are out partying and/or getting drinks. A good personality and quick hands can make for some great tips.

4. Caregiver

Become a valuable asset for families in need and earn some extra money while doing so. No college degree required, just a little on-the-job training and maybe a certification depending on your state. ZipRecruiter says that as an overnight caregiver, you’re likely to earn up to 20% more than your peers.

5. Truck Driver

The international supply chain logistics run 24/7, and 18 wheelers and semis are no exception to this rule. Always in demand. Always hiring. All you need is a CDL, and you’ll be getting paid by the job or per mile as you drive through the night.

6. Package Sorting

How do you think companies like UPS and FedEx have their drivers ready to go first thing in the morning? Simple, they’ve got people sorting and loading packages through the night and into the early am. It’s great for extra money, especially during the holidays!

7. Firefighter/EMT

With either of these jobs, you won’t solely be working overnight, but often pulling 24 hours on and 48 hours off will guarantee you will work part of your shift through the night. Both are a great way to earn a full-time income while reaping various state-level benefits.

8. Forklift Operator

Fast-moving warehouses and industrial sites often run around the clock to keep up with demand. Forklift operators are a special breed, and it’s a field that’s extremely easy to break into. Oftentimes you can land a warehouse job with no experience and get some wonderful on-the-job training for forklift certification. Stats available through Indeed show that you’re likely to earn as much as $7-$9 EXTRA per hour for overnight work in this field.

9. Customer Service

Let’s say an at-home worker is typing away through the night, and their internet goes down at 1 am. Or maybe it’s 5 am, and somebody has noticed their credit card has been stolen. Regardless of the industry, overnight customer service agents are always in demand and will make a few bucks more per hour for those who can deal with overnight work.

Finding a 2nd job or overnight work as a side hustle is not hard if you know where to look. This list is not exhaustive by any means but should at least serve to point you in the right direction for getting started.

Wes Durham

Wes Durham is the founder of Develop Your Wealth. He has a long-running career is a mix of financial technology and education. His main goal is to help others develop good saving habits, money earning opportunities, debt balancing and wealth development.

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  1. Moose

    I am now getting much less hours because of our current world situation, so much so that I’ve contemplated getting a second job and these options sound good. The perfect time for a second job is really at night. I will start searching in order to make up for my missing hours.

  2. Akulu

    This was helpful, might have a go at some package sorting think I’d enjoy it

  3. Francis

    I’ve been a babysitter and a caregiver throughout my highschool and college life and it really helped me pay my bills! So I would definitely vouch for it, and yep they do pay more at night. The other options listed are something to consider as well, although judging from the times now — I don’t think there are openings for casino dealers at the moment.

    1. Wes Durham

      Im sure casino dealers will be coming back soon. There will be new restrictions on social distancing practices surely.

  4. Julianne

    I am a night owl anyway, so this fits perfectly. I would love to be a bartender (of course when everything opens back up fully). But the caregiver job sounds perfect too. I would imagine not much would be going on at night with this job, just mainly monitoring.

  5. Courtney

    Never thought about doing a customer service job at night but this is a great idea.

    I laughed when you said there aren’t any clocks in a casino – this is so true! I don’t live near any casinos but I imagine this would be a fun job, especially for the tips you get at night.

    I would not want a physically demanding job so some of these ideas you have would work perfectly for me. I do freelance during the day but am always looking for side jobs. I am very focused at night and I think it’s the perfect time for me to work really.

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