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Wes Durham

Wes Durham, Founder

Howdy, I’m Wes Durham and the founder of Develop Your Wealth. My career has been mix of financial technology and education over the course of many years. A topic that I have always been passionate about is personal finance. My journey has been filled with hills and valleys, but my personal path has led me to a secure lifestyle and skills to grow my earnings over time. I wanted to start a collective place that I could share my experience with others, and let other individuals share their paths to success. Let’s all develop wealth together.

Amanda King

Amanda King, Editor

Hi everyone, I’m Dr. Amanda King (Amanda). My career has been incredibly interesting, starting off as a Lieutenant in the Army (a product of 9/11) to now being an executive at a large industrial. The winding path from a scrappy Soldier to successful businesswoman wasn’t as smooth as I would like to tell myself. It was riddled with financial left turns I shouldn’t have taken combined with the ones I am glad I did. Thanks to some great lessons from my own steps and missteps, I have a rounded perspective of what people can do… and should never do… to get ahead with any income level. I hope it will help some of you!